In September 2017, the U.S. Virgin Islands witnessed displays of nature’s fury that shattered meteorological records. Hurricane Irma was a top contender for highest wind strength in the Atlantic and laid waste to St. Thomas and St. John on September 6th.  A mere 13 days later, Hurricane María traveled a path of destruction slightly south of St. Croix as the most “intense” tropical cyclone of the 2017 season (the lower the minimum pressure, the higher the intensity), and ranked among the top 10 hurricanes with the lowest pressure on record.

How do I know all of this?

I. was. there.

With everything in me, I praise God that I am still here to share my recollection of not one, but TWO natural disasters.  My life wasn’t in imminent danger but the aftermath experience is definitely worth recounting.  Actually, I feel that I’m now part of a community of survivors–not just of “IrMaría”, but anyone who lived through the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season shares some sort of unspoken bond.

One of my close friends often heard me rant and fuss and pray and joke about living like a cave woman without power, running water, reliable cel phone signal, or steady internet service; waiting in epic lines for gas, groceries, and government services; driving on roads while dodging massive potholes craters, debris, and other drivers (because traffic lights were knocked out); among other things.  Real talk, I told her that if my sanity remained intact, I was going to seek therapy or write a book about my first-world problems… welp, this blog is my mashup of both!  I mean, journaling is therapeutic, right?  Besides, if I wrote a book, I wouldn’t be able to connect dynamically with readers who drop comments, ask questions, or share their own stories with me here.

So that’s what The IrMaría Chronicles is all about: sharing my natural disaster experiences and thoughts through journal therapy.  I encourage other hurricane survivors to share their stories AND blogs here, and with others as they are able to. Those who have no idea what a tropical cyclone is should also pull up a seat, if for nothing else than simply for entertainment.  But I’m open to hearing about others’ non-hurricane disaster experiences, as well.

Just as a hurricane’s path is unpredictable, it will be interesting to see the course that this blog takes… you’re welcome to join me for the ride!


God bless,