The following is an excerpt from an entry in my physical journal:

So… it’s 2017 and I recently unearthed this journal. It was found while preparing for an impending storm. At this very moment, it’s 12:49 pm and Hurricane Irma is literally pummeling St. Thomas. Why did I decide to write in my journal in the middle of a record-breaking storm? I’ll get to that soon.

Less than a month ago, Hurricane Harvey devastated the southeastern coast of Texas, resulting in the submersion of Houston under floodwaters. There were many casualties; it was almost like deja vu from Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago.

One beacon of positivity from that situation comes in the form of a friend’s testimony. She moved to Houston, on directive from God, just 5 weeks prior to Harvey; never been through a hurricane, yet here it was. Even after all the chaos, she emerged untouched! Her power and water were uninterrupted the entire time… yet, I’m writing this by candlelight [because I woke up to no electricity that morning and it’s that overcast outside]…

I never got to completely finish that entry because the wind started whipping rain water through the windows, and I ran to start cleaning it up. Silly me… SMH.


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